Capital Area Apprentice Program


The purpose of the Capital Area Apprentice Program (CAAP) is to meet the need of students to experience real life careers before graduating from high school. On the job training provides learning experiences, including character development, that simply cannot be provided in the constraints of a traditional classroom. Traditional classrooms are great for learning theory and abstract concepts, both of which are needed, however there is more, much more in preparing students for adulthood. Whether a student is seeking college or to directly enter the job force after high school graduation, CAAP will provide for students a real life advantage. 

Some of the key features characterizing CAAP apprenticeships include:

  • Learning skills and trades that are immediately marketable upon graduation
  • Developing an industrious spirit that is focused on producing real goods
  • Cooperating within a team with goals based in reality
  • Sharing in work experiences with those of significant experience
  • Exploration of careers that may or may not require collegiate studies
  • Ability to earn partial income while also earning high school credit
  • Ability to contribute toward private school tuition (optional)


Students within the CAAP program attend traditional classes on campus Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. During these three days students study the core content areas including English, Math, Science, History and Bible. During Tuesdays and Thursdays student work as an apprentice in a job-site of their choosing. Apprenticeships last anywhere from 4 months to 4 years. Students also receive school credit for the apprentice work accomplished at the business.

Business cooperation

A network of businesses in Central Pennsylvania has been created, and continues to grow, for the purposes of hosting apprentices. Businesses leaders and owners provide discipleship and mentoring for the student apprentices. In return, student apprentices provide labor and workforce support thereby creating a mutually beneficial relationship between business and apprentice.

Students apprenticeships include such trades as carpentry, auto mechanics, culinary arts, biomedical and computer technology. In some cases, students are able to complete a state coordinated set of tasks useful in obtaining trade certification from The Samuel School. Also, depending on the trade and apprentice experience, students are able to earn an income relative to the value generated for the business. This possibility is discussed on a case-by-case basis with each student apprentice.


Transportation is provided through a combination of efforts based on the need of a business and the student apprentice. It is common for students to ride public transportation to and from school with apprenticeship coordinated then around the school day. In some cases, apprentices are able to travel directly to the apprentice job site to and from home.

Apprenticeships are provided on a first come first serve basis. There are a limited number of apprentices and businesses available. Wait lists are created in the event a perfect match between apprentice and business is not readily available.

Online Application

Please click on this link to submit the online Capital Area Apprentice Program Application

For more information or to see if a given trade related apprentice is available please contact or call (717)557-1119. Thank you.