Admissions Procedures

Enrollment Process: We encourage each and every family to pray and ask the Lord for His leading through the whole process.
1 – Fill and submit the Online Application (Paper  version is available upon request if you prefer) - $50 processing fee.
2 – After the application has been processed the Admission Office will call to set up a family interview at your convenience. Please plan to bring the perspective student(s) along to this interview.
3 – Upon a successful interview for both parents and school, The Samuel School will then follow up a Tuition Plan Agreement Proposal. Parents have up to 10 days to determine if the agreement proposal is acceptable.
4 – Upon acceptance and return of the Tuition Plan Agreement formal acceptance of the student(s) is made.
5 – Final paperwork steps include completing and submitting the Online Enrollment Packet with all necessary documentation. The fee to process this form is $150 if completed by June 1st and $250 if completed after June 1st.

Upon completion of the Enrollment Packet a parent's work is completed! Parents are now included in all school-wide communications as well as invited to any related activities.

* There is no annual fee for re-enrollment

** Intake Testing occurs in late summer or the beginning of the school year. There is no fee for intake testing.

Any questions, concerns or if you need assistance in the process please contact the school office at (717) 964-6600.

If your family is seeking tuition assistance, please submit a FACTS financial scholarship application by clicking here.