Principle Approach


The Principle Approach is America’s historic method of Biblical reasoning. When children learn to live by the Christian principles that established this nation upon Christ, they not alone learn how to live a godly life but they also learn how to reason from the Word of God to establish His Kingdom in every sphere of life.

As a school, our approach to education places the Word of God front and center in all classes. Our children begin by learning how to hide the Word of God within their hearts and to comprehend the English language from a Biblical perspective. Development of a Biblical worldview with regard to language comprehension is supported by the regular use of the Bible and Webster’s 1828 Dictionary.

Our students view time itself as not accidental but rather as purposeful and well planned by an All Knowing God. When children are encouraged to remember the Hand of God at work throughout history, faith arises, and children believe that God too has a purpose for them.

Another hallmark of Principle Approach education is its emphasis on government. Principles, such as individuality, self government, honoring the value of a clean conscience, Biblical models within governmental structures, and unity of the parts, were established by the church into our nation during its founding. When children learn to live by these principles, they are more thoroughly equipped to excercise the perfect will of God with regard to all areas of life they are responsible for, extending from self, to family, and to profession.

Other key elements used within the Principle Approach include; using the Notebook Approach for the purposes of developing order and scholarly stewardship and using Key Word studies to strengthen Biblical reasoning skills.

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