Admissions Considerations

The Samuel School is a Christian, co-educational, college preparatory, day school for ages 3 through High School with our first anticipated graduation class in 2020. We seek families who desire to develop in their children spiritual stature in accordance with Biblical principles; maturity of mind and body through academic excellence; the character of Christian self-government and the quality of servant-leadership.

Selection Consideration
The criteria for admitting any new child begins with the family:
1. Are the parents who wish to enroll their child(ren) in The Samuel School in agreement with the philosophy and goals of The Samuel School?
2. Are the parents committed to working with the school and the teachers in accomplishing the best educational outcomes for their child(ren)?
3. Does the student have a willingness of heart to obey God’s Word, and to exhibit a teachable spirit (this will be reflected in speech, respect for authority, reverence for the Lord, and in the fruit evident to believers around him/her)?

Grade Point Average
Entrance test results are also an indicator that the applicant has a potential to profit from the academic program offered by The Samuel School. There is a 2.3 Grade Point Average minimum.

Testing Session
The 1½-hour testing session for kindergarten applicants recreates the classroom to provide an opportunity for observation and administrating readiness tests and an individual vocabulary test. The testing sessions for first through twelfth grade applicants lasts 2 to 3 hours long and presents a battery of standard achievement tests, observations, and informal test. A “Learning Profile” is then prepared, summarizing and interpreting the test

Class Sizes/Vacancies
Class size is limited to 17 students per class under usual circumstances. Openings per class vary from year to year
depending on returning students. Occasionally, one or two students, depending upon enrollment demands, may increase
class size limits.

Waiting List
At all grade levels, if a student qualifies for admission but space is not available, the applicant’s name remains on a list until such space becomes available. The opening is filled according to selection determined by the administration and the Admissions Committee.

Age Considerations
1. A child must be 4 years old on or before September 1 to be enrolled in the Pre-Kindergarten for that year. A
PK student must be potty-trained and able to communicate in English.
2. A child must be 5 years old on or before September 1 to be enrolled in the Academic Kindergarten for that year.
3. The age of an enrolling student shall be within 2 years of the typical age of his designated class.
4. The Headmaster will make exceptions to the above only when readiness scores/academic records indicate the need.

Course/Class Modification
The Samuel School reserves the right to adjust and/or modify course selections and/or combinations of classes at each grade level based upon such factors as ability/achievement records and enrollment in a particular class/course.