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The Samuel School is very appreciative to the business community whom have contributed using Pennsylvania’s Education Incentive Tax Credit (EITC) program. If you are a business currently considering participating in this program, please find hyperlinks to useful information below. For any questions or further information please contact our Headmaster, Robert Peck at or by calling (717) 557-1119.

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In the Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten class, children ages 4 and 5 learn about who God is and how much they are loved. The Biblical principles of individuality and self government are introduced. High emphasis is placed on reading development and comprehension. The content that we place before the children for comprehension is that which honors God and helps children to learn His ways. Play, sharing, communicating in small groups, worship, coloring and drawing are all part of our daily routine. Specific instruction includes, but is not limited to, how to hold a pencil, sit properly when working, and all of the single and multi-letter phonograms.


Literature in the Pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten includes reading classics such as Winnie The Pooh, Beatrix Potter, Aesop’s Fables, and Peter Rabbit, with special class celebration days following. In history, review is made of the 10 Links of Christian History with special attention given to the Providential hand of God working throughout. In math, attention is given to understanding, in a concrete manner, the value of counting and basic mathematical operations. In science children are introduced to God’s wonderful world of creation from a lens that recognizes the Artist through the art.

In the first-third grade class, we learn how God is a part of all aspects of life. Each subject we study shows us a different aspect of God’s character. In science, we discover how God is the Creator of the laws of physics, the universe, and all living things. While studying history, we see how God has worked in the lives of individuals. Math shows us that God is orderly and unchanging. The study of our language enables us to share the message of the Gospel with others. Spell to Write and Read is the program we use to teach phonics, spelling, and writing. The Bible and Abeka readers are the resources we use to practice decoding, fluency, and comprehension skills.

In the fourth-sixth grade class, we learn about the principle of individuality. The Bible is the main source of information for all subject areas. Each subject we study shows how we are created differently and give different interests and abilities to glorify God. In math, we learn how God never changes and puts everything in order. In science, we learn how God uses certain events, such as earthquakes, to let us know something important is happening. History shows us how God works in individual lives in mighty ways. During English, we spend part of our year writing orations as a way to spread the Gospel and reveal who God is and what he has to say on specific topics. Spell to Write and Read is the program used to teach phonics, spelling and writing.

The 7th and 8th grade cohort focuses on refining of skills in preparation for high school entry. Students are provided support necessary to comprehend content areas from a Biblical perspective leading to the mastery of content. In agreement with the Dominion Mandate, all students are encouraged to not just memorize information but more so to understand how such information Providentially “fits” together in God’s greater plan.


My goal in art is to make it enjoyable for the students, while pushing them to excel in excellence and technique. Helping them to push themselves, and relate it to how God co-creates with us, and how creativity is another voice of God. Helping to build their confidence when it comes to hearing the voice of God, and making it a visual picture to share with and encourage those around us!


Music class is an opportunity for the students to learn and appreciate everything from theory to application. The younger students work with rhythm, rhyming, movement, small instruments, basic theory through games, and fun song to bring the kids an appreciation for music and the different ways music is created and enjoyed. The older students are also taught basic theory so that they can read music and enjoy it, we also work with first through 6th grade students using recorders and rhythm instruments. For all students twice a year we learn special music for our family celebrations.


Twice a year we work one to two days a week on writing, acting, sometimes dancing, and singing in a Christmas and end of the year presentation. This gives the students an opportunity to work on acting skills as well as learning to work together and build confidence. Every year the kids have so much fun and do an amazing job!

Physical Education

Regular exercise and physical challenges are provided for all students of The Samuel School. Parents who have led youth activities for years often help serve the school helping to further develop the sense of community for the school.


As the use of technology becomes more and more commonplace within society, the need to be technologically literate becomes more apparent. Besides using online supplemental content web resources during the school day, students will receive training and support on laptops to sharpen skills including, but not limited to, keyboarding, software application usage such as Powerpoint, Microsoft Word and Excel, and other creative learning platforms.

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