Mission Statement

Our mission at The Samuel School is:

• To daily provide children with the opportunity to experience an atmosphere of worship, with one form being artistic expressions, and where the voice and Person of God can be known in a personal and intimate manner.

• To train children in the Christian educational principles upon which our country was founded thereby helping children to uncover and realize their personal Godly heritage as Christians and Americans.

• To develop the child according to the personally unique destiny for which God has created him or her.

• To develop a biblical worldview (the mind of Christ) within each student by using the Word of God as the primary resource to develop understanding supported by Webster’s 1828 dictionary.

• To develop children through the formation of manners and habits, the enlightenment of understanding, and the correction of temper in order to best fit them for their future stations as leaders in every level of society (cited from Webster’s 1828 Dictionary).

• To strengthen families and communities in Christ by strengthening the faith and relationship of each child with Christ.