University Model

University Model (7th-12th Grades)

A unique blend of home school and private school, the University Model in many ways provides the best of both worlds. Students benefit from the main campus experience 3 days a week while benefit from the home (satellite) campus 2 days a week.

For parents who do need 5 day a week schooling on main campus for their child(ren), we are offering this year the option to take Workshop Electives on Tuesdays and Thursdays. These electives are optional and are relative to supply and demand. If you are interested in child(ren) taking, or perhaps even leading a workshop, please see the accompanying letters hyperlinked below.

We anticipate a Workshop Elective Course Catalog becoming available at the end of May. Please check back for details.

Other benefits include:

  • Teachers provide all instruction and resources needed to follow standard curriculum requirements
  • More closely develops skills needed for a successful college experience (independent learning, handling of independent study time)
  • Provides opportunity for
  • School activities like traditional 5 day students enjoy including clubs, sports, and field trips
  • Reduction in tuition cost
  • Provides flexible schedule for students to follow other pursuits

University Model Workshop Elective Introduction

University Model Workshop Elective Submission Form