To educate the mind and not the spirit of a child is like spreading seed before the soil has been tilled. Our ongoing commitment is to cherish the spirit of a child as well as their minds and to nurture both.

The design of the PrayGround is specifically to make way for the Holy Spirit to come alive in the life of every child. This is important not just for eternal reasons but also because when children learn to walk and work with God then, and only then, can they really start to appreciate the purposes for which they have been created.

Take Samuel for example. “The boy Samuel ministered before the LORD … Then the LORD called Samuel.”(1 Samuel 3:1a,4a) This pattern of being in the Presence of God and then hearing from God is seen over and over in scripture.

The PrayGround simply provides a place and format where children can:
1. Experience an atmosphere of worship to God and
2. Participate in this act through various artistic means while accompanied by adults.